Mihaela – All The Way (Official Video)

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Listen this track on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and other available platforms here: http://backl.ink/143618329

Mihaela on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mihaelafileva.official/
Mihaela on IG: http://www.instagram.com/mihaelafileva/
Mihaela on Tik Tok: http://www.tiktok.com/@mihaelafileva

Music Producer: Veselin Tsenov
Music & arrangement: Veselin Tsenov – Algoriddim, Vladimir Ampov – Grafa, Konstantin Angelov
Lyrics: Blagoslav Anastasov
Mix & Recording: Veselin Tsenov – Algoriddim, Konstantin Angelov
Mastering: Dave Cutch (The Mastering Palace)

Director/DOP: Pavlin Ivanov – Bashmotion
Assistant Director: Radostina Tocheva
Edit: Bohos Topakbashian
Stylist: Sergei Yordanov
Wаrdrobe: Fashion Days (www.fashiondays.bg)
Hair: Milena Bakarska
Make up: Eliza Popova
Make up & Hair Assistants: Albena Petkova, Suni Grigorova
Choreography: Radostina Tocheva
Dancers: Radostina Tocheva, Denitsa Radusheva, Erika Velikova, Mirela Ilieva
Color grading: Nikolay Kirkov
Grip/gaffer: Dimitar Vladev

Special thanks to: Fashion Days, Music Jam

Take it slow, turn the lights off
Need to know my demands
Play the game truly, my love
Use your lips, not your hands

And so you wanna know
If I feel like you do
All I know for sure
Is this night’s made for two

All the way – you have fallen for me
Try to sway, but your eyes tell me so much
All the way – you would go to see me
Have to say you’re addicted to my touch

Now you’re asking about us
But you don’t wanna know
And I don’t need your diamonds
I’ve been fine on my own

And if you wanna know
How I feel about you
All I know for sure
Is this night’s made for two

#MihaelaFileva #AllTheWay

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